Practice based learning..!!

Science and Math Workshop

was successfully conducted on Saturday, 9-Sep-2023

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  • The one-day Science Math Workshop was successfully conducted on 9-Sep-2023 which provided students with hands-on experiments and demonstrations to enhance their understanding of practical aspects in various topics of Science and Math.

  • Session 1:

    Different levels of experiments were conducted using mirrors, glass, lasers. Students gained insights into reflection, refraction and laws of reflection from a broader perspective. They were provided with materials and had an opportunity to perform experiments on their own, which helped them grasp the concepts better.
  • Resource person: Santhosh

  • Session 2:

    By incorporating interactive demonstrations and providing tangible materials, the math session of the workshop aimed to engage students actively in the learning process. It provided them with a deeper understanding of concepts like surafce areas and volume of 3D shapes (Cylinder, Cone, Cuboid). The learning experience was more enjoyable and impactful.
  • Resource person: Mr. Murlidhar H N

  • Session 3:

    This session was focused on experiments related to concepts of sound using straws. Students enjoyed the theoretical explanations and practical observations. The faculty members and students worked together in perfoming the experiments, fostering a collaborative learning environment.